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The fair hour on the weather forecast!

- Station Météo - (real size)

Module name: Station Météo
Description : This gauge shows under a familiar form, the essential weather forecast informations: Temperature (°C and °F), humidity (in %) and Wind (in mph).
Size : 500 x 550 pixels (with Cumulus ad)
Difficulty : Level 1 : Beginer
(Simple installation, optional adaptation)
Adaptability : This module includes huge possibility of peronnalisation .
- A beginer will succeed in adapting size and background colour.
- An advanced user would succeed in changing form and components to make his own gauge.
Links : - Download in Our New Download Section!.
- Installating your module.
- Integrate in your Web page.
- Customise your module.

Météo Station - Installation

Installing your module

This module is group of files which you must copy on your site.

Step 1 : Archive extraction

This module is compressed in .zip format for convenience. Unzip the content of the file on your computer. You will find a meteoqc directory consisting module display and all its elements.

Aarchive content :
Arborescence du fichier archive

  • meteoqc - This directory is created to group Météo du Québec modules. You will find in this folder :
  • mapage.html - Sample page inc. iframe command to use.
  • stationmeteo.htm - Unique file to be processed by Cumulus.
  • lib - Librairies folder essential to that module. Here 3 .js files.
  • meteo_station - That folder contains the gauge skins (here, station.xml)

Step 2 : Copy files :

  • Copy meteoqc folder and all tis content at the root of your site.
  • Copy file mapage.html... at the root of your site!

Step 3 : Automation

So that your Station Météo Weather data are updating at the same time as your other weather pages, you must config Cumulus so that it knows it has to transforms Cumulus Webtag into real weather data.

  • At Cumulus main screen, open Configuration menu.
  • In Configuration menu, choose Internet option.
  • At the top of screen Internet Settings, choose Files

That will bring you to the screen of transfers and transformations : Arborescence du fichier archive

To process your module, Cumulus need 4 informations:

  • Local filenames : - The path to file stationmeteo.htm on your Pc.
  • Remote Finenames : - Destination url for file stationmeteo.htm on your Website.
  • Process? : - Tick to transform Cumulus Webtags in real data.
  • Ftp? : - Order upload of the page on your Website.

Then, in our sample : (bold to indicate mandatory syntax)

Local filenames :C:\meteoqc\stationmeteo.htm
Remote Finenames : MonSite/meteoqc/stationmeteo.htm
Process? : - Ticked
Ftp? : - Ticked

You have just to remplace the path pointing on stationmeteo.htm file, on your Pc ("C:" in our sample), Then on your Website too ("MonSite" in our sample)

Finaly, all you have to do is to select "Process?" box and "Ftp?" box ... and fun will begin!

Et Voilà !

Your Station Météo will be on your Website at the next Cumulus automatic upload.
(If you do not want to wait, launch manual upload with option "Web Update" in Cumulus "File" menu)

Note that we've never referenced mapage.htm page, it's only utility is to contain iframe mandatory to display this module. Then your Web page still indépendant of this module.

Jacques Desroches, Webmaster

© 2010 Météo du Québec

Station Météo - Intégration

Module integration

mapage.html File :

mapage.htm is a real simple Web page. It contain the frame who generate the gauge of your Station Météo module.

You could use mapage.htm as base to create your proper Web page. You just have to modify it as yours needs and rename it.

Your own page :

You can also decide to use your own Web page and to add it simply the line of code necessary for the functioning of your module Station Météo. To be made follow following stages: :

Open mapage.htm and find following line :

<iframe src="meteoqc/stationmeteo.htm" width="502px" height="550px" marginheight="0px" marginwidth="0px" scrolling ="no" ></iframe>

This "iframe" allow display of module Station Météo. You just have to do a Cut and Paste of that line in your Web page to have that 502 x 500 pixels frame.

Then, I wish you fun to use your new Station Météo module and I come back to you before some days afterwards if you want to go even a little farther!

Station Météo - Customisation

- WARNING - You enter in a danger zone!

You should do a copy of your current module RIGHT NOW! Hazardous modifications could possibly remove your frame Station Météo from your Web page!

Prerequested :

To customize your Météo du Québec module, I recommend you software Notepad++. This editor's advantage is mainly the respect of those little "unusual codes" that do the trick in Cumulus. Don't use Windows Notepad!

Soon :

Available, complete configuration of your new "Station Météo" module.