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Skins for Cumulus - English version

Great News!

Météo du Québec is proud to launch English versions of our creations

This page display diffrent "skins", presently on my work table. I hope that this launch will start the Skin concept for Cumulus. These modules will permit customisation of your screens by using those skins (as you already do with your Windows Media Player or WinAmp), your site will be unique

Météo du Québec hope to see multiples adaptations of our work, to fill everyone taste! The ultimate goal of this section is to transfer with those modules, knowledge and accurate information to do more than Cut/Paste, if you're interested.

Beginers will be guided through clear and itemized instructions, while the experienced users will find essential information in the deployment of modules, the whole in English here!.

A level is attached to every plan according to your experience:.

  • Level 0: Dummy : I've found the Power Switch, but...
  • Level 1: Beginer : I start in computer science, with a good textbook I am willing!
  • Level 2: Intermediate: I know the html well and I do not hesitate to change code
  • Level 3: Expert: I have a site in php / MySQL and I eat Alphas"Bits" for lunch!

At the bottom of every module frame, you will see an icon as this one to represent the level of difficulty

For pleasure to discuss it with you in our Forum!

Jacques Desroches, Webmaster

© 2010 Météo du Québec

Gizmo - The First Skin for Cumulus

I am happy to introduce you Gizmo, the first Skin for Cumulus! With it's compact and modern look, it however shows a bulk of weather forecast informations!

Jacques Desroches, Webmaster

© 2010 Météo du Québec

Available soon in our English Forum

Les cadrans et jauges en développement

Gizmo - Available soon in our Forum!

Station Météo - The fair hour on the weather forecast!

- Station Météo - Product sheet